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Supermarkets in New York City

by Daphne

We love them. We love it. Wandering through New York’s supermarkets where we can totally loose ourselves in the lanes filled with bottles, packages, tins, jars, bags and nicknacks that we don’t have at home (yet) which make you think “that’s very good stuff”.

Nothing makes us happier (well, so to speak) than Meyer’s cleaning stuff. Just because of the stylish design which will look great in our kitchen. Oh and ofcourse also because it reminds us of New York every time we walk past it. But apart from Meyer’s we’ve discovered some great things that make our shopping list longer and larger. Like Szeged’s Cinnamon Sugar (goes very well with a raisin-nut-roll), Chimes Ginger Chews and the cute tea tins of Harney & Sons.


In the smaller supermarkets you will be welcomed with a “hi sweety, how are you today”. Or a darling, dear or sweetheart. You might even run into a New York celebrity. Like we did in D’Agostinos. Julianne Moore was in line behind us. Even celebs need green beans and toiletpaper.

lunch from supermarkets at Union Square

WholeFoods is a different story. You have to check the one at Union Square. Which, by the way, is a great place to get something for a let’s-have-lunch-on-a-bench-in-the-park. In the back of the store is a deli which offers the best sandwiches, (fruit)salads, soups and other warm foods. Restrooms are on the second floor, where there’s also a cafe. And if you don’t feel like going through the store just because we say so, then at least check out the “check-out-lanes”. Customers are spread over 6 lines which different colours. Each color has a number of registers and on large screens, hanging from the ceiling, everybody is sent to a register. Smooth and quick. Brilliant. And speaking of having lunch in the park; WholeFoods is now also present near Bryant Park.

Whole Foods Union Square

Whole Foods line

If you come by a Trader Joe’s take a quick look inside. If the line is not too long. You might be able to get a hold of one of their grocerybags which make a great NYC souvenir. Finally, let’s not forget about the Fairway supermarkets. Especially the one on Red Hook. My favourite!

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